The ‘Bee’ Plan

WILL THE DISAPPEARANCE OF BEES CAUSE A FOOD SHORTAGE IN BALI?  Bees are the most important pollinator of our fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices.   Every 3rd bite of food we take depends on a bee.  In total over 100 food crops depend on bees.  Last year the USA lost 36% of its honey bee population. Europe lost 20%, and Australia lost an estimated 25% of its bee population.

Why should we be concerned? Villages in North Bali have seen the decline in production of clove and coffee plantations due to the decline of bees in that area.  Is Bali also losing bees? Why is it happening? And what can we do about it?

Hatten Wines is supporting the activities of Ratu Lestari Alami:  repopulating North Bali with bees,    collaborating with Ratu Lestari Alami in achieving it’s ‘2000 Hives for Bali’ by 2017.

What we can do at Hatten Wines:

  • Donating time and usage of our new building facilities for education, workshops, honey tastings, talks;
  • Donating shipping palettes to make beehives;
  • Donating space in our vineyards for a beehive center;
  • Establishing and supervising a ‘Kelompok Petani” or farmer’s group, to encourage beekeeping and to set up a honey harvesting, bottling and selling operation for the farmers;
  • Distributing the farmer’s honey to hotels and restaurants, and selling the honey at retail outlets for them.

Hatten Wines has converted part of the Sanggalangit vineyards to a beehive center where beehives are hosted, bee products harvested, and a bee friendly meadow is planted.  Local residents are trained to become the beekeepers, and in turn supply honey for sales.    The Sanggalangit vineyard of Hatten Wines is surrounded by guava and orange groves which will benefit from the presence of the pollinating bees.

Together with partners Atlas Pearls, and with Four Seasons Resorts in Bali, Hatten Wines has committed to supporting this program and the goal of ‘2000 Hives for Bali’.  Four Seasons Sayan Chef Liam Neelon, a trained beekeeper, will be promoting the honey through his culinary activities and beekeeping at the resort.

Visit the beehive center, and participate in funding efforts of Ratu Lestari Alami to help them repopulate the North Coast of Bali of tis bees, educate local farmers and villagers on beekeeping and reset the environmental balance for crops to flourish.

Ratu Lestari Alami
Ratu Lestari Alami is a CSR program of the Natural Light Candle Company.
For more information about beekeeping, and the bee population issue in Indonesia, contact Ms. Ratih Nurruhliati at

Four Seasons  Sayan
For more information about Four Seasons Sayan, Chef Liam Nealon and the beekeeping activities at the Resort, contact Marian Carroll at

Save The Bees
Four Seasons Resort - Sayan
Four Seasons Resort - Sayan