Our New Offices

We have opened a new facility in Sanur, Bali, along with esteemed partners German luxury home appliances Gaggenau, high end glassmakers Schott Zwiesel and elegant cabinetry makers, Toto Kitchen. The new building is a warehouse style building, bubbling with activities: wine classes, wine tasting, private dining room, wine distribution offices and a new wine lifestyle boutique housing its own wine accessories line – the Hatten Wines Building becomes the new landmark of Sanur, it’s home town.

This new building goes far beyond being merely an office facility: by conceptualizing the building as a wine hub, Hatten Wines is expanding its reach to its clients, with education in mind. The 21 year old company has now set its eyes on the next generation of wine professionals, wine connoisseurs and amateurs, by creating a venue for training which is opened to all programs related to wine and food and beverage, from the basics of wine to Sommelerie classes ranging from basics of wine to Sommelerie with the Asia Wine Institute.

Worth a visit, worth a taste.

Visit the new building here… before you can make it to Bali and see it in person?

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